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Warren Woodrow Superintendant, West Jasper Consolidated School District
Warren Woodrow
Superintendent, West Jasper
Consolidated School District
Bay Springs, Mississippi








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Due to a change in type of phone service, effective Thursday, November 16, 2017, the Bay Springs Elementary School, Bay Springs Middle School, Bay Springs High School, and the District Central Office will have new phone numbers.   

Here is a list of the new phone numbers:

West Jasper Central Office: 601-425-8500

West Jasper Central Office Fax: 601-425-8501

West Jasper Central Office SPED Fax: 601-425-8502

Bay Springs High School: 601-425-8510

Bay Springs High School Fax: 601-425-8511

Bay Springs Elementary School: 601-425-8520

Bay Springs Elementary School Fax: 601-425-8521

Bay Springs Middle School: 601-425-8530

Bay Springs Middle School Fax: 601-425-8531

Please note this will not affect the Stringer Attendance Center phone numbers or any of the cafeteria phone numbers.


School Locations


  • Bay Springs Elementary School
    510 Hwy 18 Bay Springs, MS 39422
    Ph. 601-425-8520   Fax. 601-425-8521

  • Bay Springs High School
    510 Hwy 18  Bay Springs, MS 39422
    Ph. 601-425-8510   Fax. 601-425-8511

  • Bay Springs Middle School
    124 Edmund King Rd.  Bay Springs, MS 39422
     Ph. 601-425-8530    Fax. 601-425-8531

  • Stringer Attendance Center
    122 CR 17  Stringer, MS 39481
    Ph. 601-428-5508    Fax. 601-426-6760

West Jasper District Schools

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The West Jasper Consolidated School District has as its mission to provide a quality formal education for the youth in our community.

The administration and faculty believe that the function of the public school is to offer an environment and a curriculum that is conductive to the maximum development of each child's mental, physical, and social faculties.  Complete mission statement here .