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Lunch Policy


The West Jasper School District Child Nutrition Program operates under the guidance of
the National School Lunch Act. In adherence to this act, all school menus have been
carefully selected to insure that all nutritional requirements have been met and are based
on student acceptance.

The West Jasper School District is a member of the State Department Purchasing
Cooperative that assures the highest quality food products are purchased for students,
each having been student-tested before being placed on bid. All processed foods are
required to have a label attached before they can be purchased. All breads/grains must be

Beginning the school year 20 I 0, the Child Nutrition Department will serve whole grain
bread products. All extra food sales will remain the same. A student must purchase a
school lunch to obtain any extra sales items: bottled water, juice, baked chips or whole
grain cookies.


The nutritional goal for school lunches is to furnish at least 1/3 of the Recommended
Dietary Allowances ofthe National Research Council for children of various age groups.
The School Lunch Pattern requirements provide the framework for nutritionally adequate
school lunches.

Other foods, not part of the lunch requirements are added to complete lunches, to help
improve acceptability, and to provide additional food energy and other nutrients. To help
assure that all School Lunches meet the nutritional goal, it is required that lunches

  • -A Vitamin A vegetable or fruit at least twice a week
  • -A Vitamin C vegetable or fruit several times a week
  • -Several foods for IRON each day
  • -Keeping fat, sugar, and salt at moderate levels
  • -Offering a choice of foods
  • -Serving no one form of meat or meat alternate more than three times a week
  • without other choices
  • The West Jasper School District takes great pride in meeting these requirements daily.

Additional goals include:

  • -Meeting 1/3 of the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA)
  • -Meeting calorie goals (age appropriate)
  • -Meeting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans

The West Jasper School District exceeds these requirements.